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From The Verdict

Through text message services the BBC are making money out of this show, and yet have refused to offer any donations to rape crisis groups. Please complain if you haven't already done so.

Bea has more links for complainers on her blog. Click on "Dead Men Don't Rape" in the list of blogs on the right. (You may need to scroll down to bottom of page if you can't see it.)

Justice For Women Statement on The Verdict
Another women's group has issued a statement on the BBC programme 'The Verdict'. Click to download the statement from
Justice For Women and find out how you can also join your voice to the complaints already made. (Word doc)

Rape Crisis Advance Statement on “The Verdict” – 1pm Sunday 11th Jan.
Rape Crisis (England and Wales) are worried that the BBC are using a rape trial as entertainment even though they have placed it under its “Factual and Arts” category. Because they have refused to discuss this programme with us or let us see an advance copy (which they have given to other people) we have a range of concerns,
We do not understand why the BBC has refused to answer the questions that Rape Crisis and other women’s groups raised in advance of this show. We are particularly concerned that while they have asked barristers and the police for advice about the show, they have not found it necessary to talk with groups that support survivors. We believe that while this programme might increase awareness about what happens in court, it may also make women even less likely to report rape to the police. Most of the women who contact Rape Crisis Centres choose not to report to the police.

It is also very concerning to us that that licence fee money should be spent promoting the careers of people like Jeffrey Archer and Judge Dennison. Meanwhile, rape crisis centres are closed down every year because of a severe lack of funding. Our national branch, for example, exists on just £30,000 funding a year. How much did the programme cost to make? Are the celebrities getting paid to take part? We asked the programme makers (RDF television) to discuss with the BBC the possibility of making a donation to Rape Crisis groups but they came back and said they would make no donation. If they are asking people to register their mobile phone numbers for SIM updates does this not imply that they are making money out of the show?

We also have real concerns about Judge Dennison’s suitability for this show. For example will the audience be told that he previously sentenced a man to probation for a string of sex offences and that this man was able to go and commit further sex offences against children? (
And is this the same Judge Dennison who let a man walk free from the court after being found guilty of manslaughter of his wife and told him “you have suffered through no fault of your own …” ? (
(for details of this and many other concerns about Judge Dennison scroll to the bottom of the following webpage - )
Dr Nicole Westmarland, Chair of Rape Crisis (England and Wales) and rape expert at Durham University made the following comments:
“We really do not understand why the BBC has ignored the questions raised by Rape Crisis and other women’s organisations.”
“If money is being made out of text messaging, I think that this money should go to help fund rape crisis centres.”
To make a donation to Rape Crisis please e-mail


Blogger stormy said...

I had vividly remembered the "you have suffered through no fault of your own …" quote from a judge, didn't realise it was Dennison. (Bah!)

Yep, if the beebs are making dosh on the side out of this, then funding to rape crisis centres (themselves in financial crisis) would be advisable. After all, this programme seems to be making far more problems than solving.

9:06 AM  
Anonymous fluffy kitten said...

After having read this:

which talk about how pretty much ALL rapists are escaping conviction, I am just so angry!

Ok ladies, here's the plan. If it is apparently perfectly fine to rape and escape justice, then let's rape the men. Seriously, tie them up, do whatever, use a broomstick, and just say it was "rough sex".

Only when rape really does happen to men, and in large numbers, will they freaking give a shit.

1:21 PM  
Anonymous fluffy kitten said...

Grrrr, I am so angry from reading those links.

Considering that the government hates women and loves rapists, perhaps if women assumed as fact that most men are rapists and conducted themselves accordingly, the rapes would decrease.


1:33 PM  

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