Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Should there by a law against deliberate stupidity?

Here are a few choice comments on Catherine Bennett's article - Why-do-so-many-men-think-the-sex-trade-is-fine?

"It's genetics I'm afraid. Men have evolved to 'put it about' and women have evolved to withhold their favours. It's so blindingly obvious that it's amazing that otherwise-intelligent people could ever imagine that they could be the first to ban prostitution after its first million years of healthy existence."

"Banning prostitution because some street-walkers have been killed makes as much sense as banning taxis because some minicab drivers get killed."

"There are reliable reports of female chimpanzees accepting gifts of meat from males and reciprocating with sex"

"I just had sex with my wife, after agreeing to carry on with my marathon "fitting tiny LEDs in dolls houses" project. Three daughters, three dolls houses... But I wonder if this sequence of events, which wasnt' a contractual agreement per se, rather just part of the normal give and take of any relationship, might be illegal soon?
It's not just cash changing hands they want to criminalise lads - read the small print. *ANYTHING* that might have value...
Ever offered a dirty weekends in Paris? You're going down!"

"Do we ban driving because one petrolhead speeding kills pedestrians?"

"I feel, and it seems very cold of the feminist movement to be doing this, that they aren't talking enough about what could have been done to stop these women being killed and too much about the 'problem' of prostitution. If you have so much care for your fellow woman then looking at what to do to prevent this happening again is a good place to start. "

"I would love to work as a male prostitute offering my services to paying women. Sadly, I'm just not good looking enough."

"If this murderer had instead murdered 5 office workers, would that mean that you would be in favour of prohibiting women from working in offices? What nonsense."

"Men, however, must convince women to have sex with them. They must work hard at it, seduce, charm, impress with their `attributes`. Women choose, men are chosen.
There's a new, booming industry dedicated to seduction that is fuelled by desperate men who find it hard to connect with females."

"On my meetings with "paid-for-companions", I always make it clear that I dont want Her to do anything that she is not 100% comfortable with. Often, at the start of our date I challenge my companion to say "No" or to indicate dissent at some point, just to test me."

"Payment makes no difference, it is still two consenting adults. I would have commented on that, but could not be bothered."

"As for the viewing female as `people` comment, I think a lot of these men do. Doesn't mean they get anywhere."

Ahem. Please, if we cannot criminalise men who buy sex, can we at least criminalise them for disingenuousness?

Well, they're either that or they really cannot see women as human.

Even if they try.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Feminism is responsible for all of society's ills

1: Divorce
Before women were able to divorce their husbands, none of them did. But when you give women choices, they make them. Nowadays, a woman may be able to leave if her husband strikes her, mistreats her, is unfaithful, lies all the time, or is simply unsatisfactory in any department. Feminism is therefore directly to blame for the breakdown of marriage.

2: Ladette culture
Before ladies were allowed in pubs, none went in (with the exception of ‘ladies of the night’, naturally). A woman was obligated to keep the gentlemen’s drinking habits in check, usually by ‘nagging’. Nowadays, young women have many of the same choices as young men, and almost as many will get drunk, frequently. Sometimes men will ‘ask them nicely not to’. It’s almost as if men and women are the same species. Feminism is therefore directly to blame for young women imitating, rather than curtailing, the drinking habits of young men.

3: Rape
Rape used to be a crime committed by a man against another man’s wife/daughter/sister/niece. Now, it’s considered to be a crime against a woman. No wonder reports of rape have risen. The definition of rape has changed so much it can even be applied to a man who coerces a woman he knows, into sex she doesn’t want. Rape in marriage was invented by feminists as recently as the 1990’s and can be cited as a case for divorce (see 1).

4: Trafficking for prostitution
Before women in the West had as many choices as they do now (which men kindly gave them without a single complaint), trafficking was rare. Now, because of feminism, women have to be coaxed into the sex industry. If that doesn’t work, they need to be forced into it, from poorer countries if needs be. Trafficking young women to meet the sexual demands of men would not exist if feminism hadn’t convinced many women that they were human beings.

5: Paedophilia
Feminists invented child sex-abuse by bringing it into the public consciousness. If it is on the increase, it’s because children aren’t as uppity as women corrupted by feminism. Feminists are also to blame for mothers being wary of strangers, which leads to child obesity.

6: Obesity
See 5.

7: Strain on NHS funds
Women have different bodily functions from men, which were pretty much ignored until feminism. Now, breast cancer screenings, pap smears and childbirth facilities are using up much of the public’s hard-earned cash, which could be going to none of those things. (Also, see 6.)

8: Teenage violence
Teenage behaviour is attributed to parental structure, and has nothing to do with wider culture. If the father is present, it is up to the mother to guide him as a parent. If the father is not present, it is up to the mother to bear all responsibility for every single thing that affects her child’s life. A feminist woman will expect a present father to interact with his son in a non-aggressive manner, which will lead to that son being bullied. It is also the fault of feminism to expect a non-present father to contribute anything at all. Feminism and single mothers are to blame for feminising boys to such an extent that they are called ‘faggots’ and get stabbed. Feminists are also to blame for encouraging war-games and introducing gun crime to the UK, although this is controversial and has yet to be proved.

9: Abortion
Since the appropriate stigma was removed from unmarried women who got themselves pregnant, many are open about their condition and some even seek advice from reputable medical establishments if they don’t want to go through with naturally painful childbirth. Feminism has even made this legal in some places. If a woman is pregnant it is her duty to bring forth life, whether she wants to or not. If the woman’s circumstances are due to rape, it is because feminists invented rape in the first place. (See 3.)

10: Single-parent families
(See 8 & 9)
Where the single parent is a father, this is an unfortunate by-product of feminism but also a man to be congratulated and treated like a hero.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Shooting fish in a barrel much?


Ok, (by the way, this is not my substantial post) could anyone tell a friend of mine (via comments) who sent me this article in order to prove to me that feminism is croc, exactly why this article is quite simply pants? It's too feminism 101 for me to even begin. Someone out there may be more patient.
Hello, if anyone reads this, I have been lurking about the blogs since my 'holiday'. I plan on doing a substantial post next week. This may or may not happen, but I thought I would give prior notice to anyone checking up. If the post appears, some of the points I may make are that many of the things some men blame feminism for are incorporated in the very things feminism is fighting against. Or, I may simply focus on the very topical issue of criminalising the purchase of 'sex'. I don't know. But I plan on saying something. I have much to say. Watch this space.
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